Our Prayer Page

We believe in the power of prayer because we believe in the God who hears us and responds!  Please submit your prayer requests here, and our prayer team and others will be lifting up your request. (Most requests are made public, so please don't post confidential details.) Requests will be listed in the section below upon approval.

Prayer Makes a Difference! 

Thank you for lifting up these requests to our Heavenly Father! Click on the praying hands to show that you are joining us in prayer!


Please continue to pray for my brother Donald and his children Daisy and DJ. JJ is in hospice and may be living in her last days. She doesn't know any of us and she sleeps most of the time. She has to have someone with her at all times now. Thank you for your prayers.


Greg’s sister has covid & we are asking for a quick healing & that no other family member get the virus


Please pray for my step mother, Kay. She lost her constant companion on Friday, a dog named Jazz. Today she had to be admitted to the hospital after she got light-headed and took a fall. She is heartbroken and has to be in the hospital alone.


Safe travels for my girls and I as we leave for Florida on Tuesday And also please pray that we have good weather


Let's pray for our nation to be healed from the anger and division that is so pervasive. Only the love of Jesus can address these issues!