A Place for Children and Teens

At Generations, we LOVE our children and teens! As an intergenerational church, we are intentional about including them in all aspects of our worship and ministry. Children are encouraged to attend services with their parents in order to experience the community of Christ. Over time, they learn to fully participate and engage in worship as an expression of their love for the Lord.

Here are some of the resources available:
  • Church bags are ready for each child when they join us in the morning worship service. These bags encourage our little ones to be active listeners.
  • We don't mind hearing little ones during service, but a nursery space is available when needed. The service is televised live in that space. 
  • Church Notes pages are available for older children to complete during the service. These are great conversation starters for families after the service.
  • Family activity suggestions are published in our bulletin each week to help make our Bible lessons real at home. Discussion questions are also included which are perfect for deeper discussions with your teen.

Our goal is to equip parents to be the primary spiritual leaders for their children so that they grow deep roots of faith. We want children to experience God alongside the rest of the church family where they are known, valued and encouraged. If you would like to know more about this approach, please stop by the children's desk for a free copy of the book Parenting in the Pew.

Our teens and young adults love to have fun together and to bring others along. They are also a vital part of ministry at Generations.  Each one is encouraged to use their gifts to serve the church in meaningful ways. Worship, media, ushering and prayer are some of the opportunities for our teens and young adults to explore who they are and where they belong in the body of Christ. 

Our goal is to teach them what it means to be a vital part of the body of Christ and to facilitate relationships between all ages in the church. We believe that this helps them to develop a faith that lasts. 

From time to time, we hold special events or groups for our children and/or teens where parents can participate too. These are fun times of connecting and building relationships.