Generations of Grace is an inter-generational congregation. That means that we work hard to include members of all ages in every part of our ministry. Families attend worship together. Parents lead their children. Everyone finds a place to serve. We believe that faith is best shared when all generations come together to BE the church.

At Generations, you'll find:

  • God-centered worship
  • Bible-based, easy to understand messages
  • Tools for study and discussion at home
  • Resources for parents to lead their families
  • Opportunities for friendships of all ages

Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue Christ’s command to make disciples (true followers of Christ).  We accomplish that by seeking to:
EXALT God with our worship and our lifestyles,

EQUIP believers to live out the faith and pass it on, and

ENGAGE in relationship with one another and with the community around us in meaningful God-centered ways.